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Founded by Fray Juan de San Miguel over 450 years ago. San Miguel de Allende besides enjoying one of the best climates in the world, is a fascinating city, bright, seducing, and full of artistic and cultural riches. It only takes one walk through San Miguel to realize that it is a great example of conservation. San Miguel's historic zone, is a very quiet area, filled with precious colonial buildings.

In the center of the city is the Parroquia of San Miguel Arcángel, and has become a very important landmark in this beautiful and mystical city. It is also known as the ''Ciudad de las Fiestas'' for its calendar full of cultural festivities, musical concerts, art festivals, writing and photo workshops and dance.

San Miguel also offers its visitors with many restaurants, cafes, night clubs, art galleries, decorative gift shops, art schools, museums and handicrafts (blown glass, wrought iron, tin, silver, leather articles, ceramics and cantera stone objects).

The weekly newspaper ''Atencion'' lists the scheduled events all over town in Spanish and English.